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  • ESHa Aqua-Quick-Test

    Healthy water = healthy plants and healthy fish. 

    Good water quality is essential for the plants and fish in your aquarium or pond. 

    With the eSHa AQUA-QUICK-TEST you can monitor five values which are crucial for good water quality: pH (acidity), KH (carbonate hardness), GH (general hardness), nitrite (NO2) and nitrate (NO3). 

    It’s important for you to understand what can cause abnormal values and what action you can take if the test strip indicates that the water quality is not good. 

    Water quality is the result of many factors. 

    The most important factors are: plants, fish, aquarium volume, pond size and depth, bottom layer of sediment etc. as well as external factors such as overfeeding, type of water added, the filter used, acid rain, duration and amount of lighting, sunlight etc. 

    Rarely is there a stable and completely natural balanced system. Aquaria and ponds are set up by people whom also choose the plants and fish. The system has not developed naturally and spontaneously. Some plants and fish are very adaptable. Others are more sensitive to their environment and need very stable and optimal water quality. Therefore, you sometimes need to give your aquarium or pond a helping hand. 

    A test in time saves nine. 

    Regular use of eSHa AQUA-QUICK-TEST allows you to spot water quality problems in time to take corrective action when needed. 

    This is your best gaurantee for having a beautiful aquarium or pond full of healthy active fish and thriving plants and, most importantly, keeping it this way. 

    Get more pleasure out of your aquarium or pond and save yourself worry, frustration and even despair. 

    The key parameters for aquaria and ponds are: 

    acidity (pH), hardness (KH and GH), and products of decomposition (NO2 and NO3). 

    These values determine how healthy your aquarium is. Abnormal values can cause problems such as disease, algae blooms, abnormal growth and reproduction etc.