flee household flea spray


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  • Flee Household Flea Spray

    FLEE controls household dog and cat flea infestations. It also controls egg-bound and immature stages of these fleas. And controls Dust mites and their integumentary material (skin debris). It indirectly controls Atopic Dermatitis. FLEE is Non-toxic and non-pesticidal.  


    • Odourless
    • Colourless
    • Non allergenic
    • Completely safe
    • Non toxic

    Not for use on animals.

    Size: 400ml

    How is works:

    When this is product makes contact with a flea, it evaporates off after 20 minutes, leaving a gum/glue on the outer skin of the parasite. As a result, adults and mobile larvae are ‘glued up’ (adults within 1 min, larvae in 10mins) and eventually die of starvation.  Eggs and Pupae are coated in sticky layer and continue to physically develop but cannot emerge from their chitin sac. FLEE also ‘Glues’ adult dust mites and their integumentary material (debris and faeces). Due to its non-insecticidal mode of action, resistance is not an issue. The adhesive effects of FLEE persist for 6 days in deep carpet, immobilising all adults and larvae for 6 days after application. It is not orally toxic to pets. FLEE has very low toxic levels in general. It is not absorbed following oral/ dermal exposure. FLEE reduces dust mite allergens (Thornton & Ross). This product is effective for at least 6 weeks (reapply every 6 weeks at the most). Vacuuming is NOT required after application. You do not need to treat the whole house, merely the areas in contact with your Pet.  Staining on household surfaces e.g dog bed, is minimal and the ‘wet look’ usually fades once dry.  FLEE does not feel sticky to touch. It is non-insecticidal and non-pesticidal. It is effective against adults, larvae, eggs and pupae.