go natural wood clumping cat litter - lavender - bonus box


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  • Go Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter - Lavender 5.6kg

    100% NATURAL
    Catit Go Natural™ Clumping Wood Litter is completely free of chemicals, additives, pesticides, plastics and synthetic scents. The scent of vanilla and lavender is completely natural. Thus, your cat's sandbox or litter box will be a cozy and natural space for him.

    Unlike many mineral cat litters, plant-based litters are the safest and most planet-friendly option. The three available formats are ideal so that they do not stick to the legs and do not emit any dust.

    Go Natural™ Catit Litter is pH neutral and has a great natural ability to control odors, plus kills 99% of bacteria using proprietary compounds. The lavender-scented format covers the scent of wood to make it even more pleasant for both humans and cats.

    EXCELLENT ABSORPTION and compact agglomeration
    Catit Go Natural™ Clumping Litter absorbs up to 3 times its weight in liquid, that's 300% absorbency! Both the granule format and the pellet format retain their formidable absorption capacity indefinitely. To achieve this agglomeration capacity, its main ingredients are mixed with food-grade raw materials, such as starch, corn powder, guar gum, or natural binding agents. The result is a cat litter with a strong clumping capacity!

    By carefully balancing the natural caking agents in the litter, the litter clumps together non-aggressively, without sticking to the shovel or litter box. Pick it up and clean it fast and easy!
    Go Natural™ litter absorbs much more, using much less litter.

    100% BIODEGRADABLE, Even the box
    Over time, this cat litter breaks down completely. That is why it is possible to compost it or even flush it down the toilet. Although we do not recommend the second option continuously. It is better to compost it or dispose of it in the organic container.

    Go Natural™ Catit litter granules are so efficient that they will make a litter box last longer. What benefits nature and your pocket!

    It is a low sticky sand, so your cat will not take it with him when he leaves the sandbox. No more walking with the broom behind the cat to sweep up the remains of sand!

    We recommend using a wide shovel with large holes, to more easily remove the agglomerated sand and sift the rest.

    Catit Go Natural™ Clumping Litter is dust-free, making it an excellent choice for cats and people with allergies. You can breathe calmly when throwing it out or picking it up from the sandbox.

    Log-lasting Litter - Extensive use at maximum efficiency
    Thanks to the wood litter’s impressive absorptive and clumping properties, Go Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter lasts longer than standard litter. Less litter is used to clump together and each individual granule absorbs a lot more waste. As a result, the average single-cat household will enjoy a 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs) box of Catit Go Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter for 75 to 105 days on average.

    Catit Go Natural™ Algomeric Cat Litter has a very small ecological footprint. Production is a "cold" process, which means no energy is wasted creating heat, no steam is used, no CO2 emissions are produced, and no polluting gases are released into the atmosphere.

    The production is carried out completely with solar energy , and all the waste materials generated (dust collected from sieving) are filtered and put back into the production cycle.