habitrail ovo pink maze


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Product Code: 62665
  • The complete line of Habitrail OVO housing and accessories is based on extensive behavioral studies of pet hamsters and is designed to help enhance their quality of life. Completely redesigned, re-tooled and reinvigorated, OVO brings even more interesting and entertaining venues in which hamsters can explore, burrow, snooze, exercise or simply chill out.

    Habitrail Ovo Pink Maze

    Easy Access and No Mess - the dual retractable locking doors provide easy access, simple cleaning and a safe secure environment for your pet. The deep clear base keeps bedding and other materials securely inside.

    A Maze within the Maze - the cool Habitrail OVO Chewable Cardboard Maze, included with the Habitrail OVO Maze, allows your hamster to burrow and forage for treats. Once your hamster has chewed it to pieces, replace it with any one of the four Interactive Chewable Cardboard Maze designs for hours of fun.


    • Maze unit
    • Chewable Cardboard Maze
    • 1 Window
    • 1 Lock Connector