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Product Code: QD01
  • Quiet Dog Wrap

    • The Quiet Dog™ is a simple to use face wrap which is designed to help stop unwanted barking.
    • This lightweight and non-restrictive training aid can be used for a variety of other problem behaviours such as: whining, jumping-up, destructive chewing, digging and scratching.
    • Quiet Dog™ is also the ideal aid to prepare your dog for wearing a head-collar.

    How does it work?

    The patented design uses two techniques: acupressure and maintained pressure to gently relieve anxiety and help stop the urge to bark.

    When used in conjunction with the Anxiety Wrap®, it can help provide a greater calming effect. Non-restrictive, gentle and effective - Quiet Dog™, is ‘the gentle shush’, the perfect solution for anxious barking.


    • Size 1 - Weight 1-12 pounds (0.5-5.5kg)
    • Size 2 - Weight 12-24 pounds (5.5-11kg)
    • Size 3 - Weight 24-49 pounds (11-22kg)