hugo kamishi freeze dried krill


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Product Code: HU6018
  • Hugo Kamishi Freeze Dried Krill is a high protein dietary supplement suitable for all fish and turtles.

    Krill is an excellent addition to the diet of all tropical, marine, coldwater fish and turtles. Krill can also be ground or crushed to feed smaller varieties of fish.

    Hugo Kamishi Freeze Dried Krill can be added to the dietary regimen of your fish or turtle. It may also be given as an extra treat. When using Hugo Kamishi Freeze Dried Krill as part of the regular dietary regime of your fish or turtle, you should only provide as much as can be consumed within 5 minutes. You should take care to remove any remaining after this time with a net. If giving Hugo Kamishi Freeze Dried Krill as an extra treat, it is advised to only add a tiny amount (no more than a slight pinch).

    Size: 5g