tortoise table (flatpack)


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Product Code: PT4029
  • The Vivexotic Tortoise Table is an easy to clean, complete home for a pet tortoise. - Available in modern oak finish. - Table features an enclosed sleeping area with hinged lid for access. This area can also accommodate a standard seed tray which can be filled with soil. - Optional heat mat may be positioned behind the protective glass panel in the sleeping area. - A separate stand is also available to create a free standing table (PT4031) - Optional extension pack increases the space for your tortoise (PT4030). - NOTE - if a stand is used for the table, an additional stand set is also required with the extension. - Removeable, decorative glass panel makes access for cleaning simple and easy. Dimensions (mm) Table: Width 900, Depth 450, Height 215 Extension: Width 900, Depth 750, Height 215 Stand: Width 796, Depth 406, Height 645 Recommended product combinations: Tortoise Table with stand: order 1 x PT4029 plus 1 x PT4031 Tortoise Table with extension: order 1 x PT4029 plus 1 x PT4030 Tortoise Table plus extension with stand: order 1 x PT4029 plus 1 x PT4030 plus 2 x PT4031 Recommended products to complete your Tortoise Table: 1 x Exo Terra Desert Heat Mat - Nano 1 x Exo Terra Wire lamp holder 40 - 150W 1 x Exo Terra Light Bracket 1 x Exo Terra Solar Glo Lamp 125W