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Pure MeatSnax - Sprinkles

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Pure MeatSnax - Sprinkles

At Pure they have a simple philosophy: to provide our canine friends with one of the finest and most wholesome treats and supplements in the world.

Sprinkles makes not only a fantastic and tasty topping at meal times, but also provides many essential vitamins and minerals from our meat, seaweeds and botanicals renowned for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, flavonoid and tonic properties with prebiotics for a healthy digestive system and all-round good health. Simply sprinkle over each feed to create a magnificent aroma filled tasty and healthy dinner. Pure like to keep things simple anddon’t and won’t use artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, and glycerin, grain or starch fillers of any kind. Dogs know the difference. Pure and simple.

Size: 150g


Green, brown and red seaweeds from pristine Irish Atlantic waters, Irish beef, chicory root, milk thistle, ginger, dandelion, nettle, fenugreek, oregano, rosehip, yucca, rosemary, thyme, fennel, turmeric, hawthorn, liquorice root and black pepper.



Suggested Feeding Rate per Day;

  • Small dog 10kg, ½ scoop, sprinkled over each meal.
  • Medium dog 10 – 25kg, 1 scoop, sprinkled over each meal.
  • Large dog 25kg+, 2 scoops, sprinkled over each meal.

Scoop included. This pack contains approximately of 150 level scoop servings.


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