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Remedy Health - CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs & Cats - Drops

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Remedy Health - CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats - Drops

The CBD process in Remedy Health has been modified to use CBD Tincture to help pets with senstive stomachs. 

CDB Oil is a holistic health treatment that offers an alternative way to care for your pet. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one such holistic treatment that has become a popular supplement for dogs. CBD is a compound found in the hemp plant and does not have any intoxicating ingredients such as THC.  Give it to your pet directly or mix it into their favourite foods or treats to help to reduce pain sensations and adjust their mood to a state of calm.

100% Irish CBD oil that is naturally abundant in terpenes and essential fatty acids that support the overall health and wellness of your pet.  All of these products contain 100% natural ingredients, contain no THC, and are independently tested for quality and quantity of CBD. 

  • Known to ease stress, anxiety, and nervousness
  • Can help to relieve pain
  • Can help to reduce chronic inflammation
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Has anti-nausea effects,
  • Can help appetite stimulation


  • 400mg - Little Paws Tincture - strength is suitable for: Small sized dogs (dogs weighing up to 15kg)
  • 800mg - Big Paws Tincture - strength is suitable for: Medium – Large sized dogs (dogs weighing 15-30kg)
  • 1000mg - Working Paws Tincture - strength is suitable for: Ideal for active/worker dogs that need a little extra and XL dogs (dogs weighing over 30kg)

Recommended Dosage: Best used daily.

  • We recommend starting with 1 drop twice a day for the first 3 days, then increase to 2 drops twice a day. Increases should occur over 3 days.
  • You cannot overdose on CBD.  If you give too much you only waste it, as the dogs receptors for CBD will close when they have enough.
  • If you are using more than 10 drops per serving of the 400mg or 800mg strength then move up to the next strength. The maximum doseage for the 1000mg would be 10 drops twice a day.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) in one of many natural compounds found in the hemp plant, known collectively as cannabinoids. It is a natural organic non-psychoactive cannabinoid currently showing promising results in studies all around the world.


  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, and Remedy Health Ltd makes no official medical claims surrounding CBD.
  • Remedy Limited we use only organically produced whole hemp extract, available in various forms i.e. caps, oils and creams etc. The products that they supply contain Cannabidiol (CBD), amongst other legal cannabinoids. All of the products Remedy Limited supply contains less than 0.2%THC, as required under EU and Irish law. They don’t supply any products made from cannabis that contains over 0.2%THC.




The amount of CBD to take each day depends on a number of different factors. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to CBD oil. However, the factors that come into play include things like genetics, weight, general health, and your personal tolerance to CBD ( absorption and metabolic rate). We recommend that you start out with a low milligram amount of CBD oil, monitor effects and adjust accordingly until you notice positive changes.


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