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RiRaw Pic 'n' Mix - Beef and Chicken

Product Code: KK01


RiRaw Pic 'n' Mix - Beef and Chicken

Pic ‘n’ Mix - in every bag, we’ve included a generous mix of our best-selling treats: Chicken Love Hearts, Beef Chunkies, Liver Cubes and Kidney Bites.  Variety is the spice of life for dogs as well as humans, and this enticing mix will keep your pet interested and stimulated!  We dry our products naturally, into delicious treats that are appetising as well as good for your pet.   We believe in treating all pets well and keeping them healthy. They deserve it!

  • 100% Irish beef and chicken with nothing else added. 
  • 0 preservatives, additives, grains or fillers in our products. 
  • A powerful blend of beef and chicken meat and nothing else!
  • Rich in Iron, B Vitamins and Protein which supports energy, a shiny coat, circulation, and eye health.

Size: 100g

Ingredients: 100% Irish chicken & beef



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