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Royal Canin Educ - Training Treat

Product Code: RC4900000


Royal Canin Educ - Training Treat

These tasty treats made by Royal Canin offer a low-calorie alternative to conventional treats and rewards. Royal Canin Educ is a dog snack with a special concept that is ideal for training your dog. The snacks are rich in vitamins but low in calories (<3 kcal/snack). A special recipe makes them suitable for dogs of all ages, from puppy to senior.

  • Super tasty
  • Less than 3 calories per treat
  • Great for training sessions
  • With Vitamin E and C
  • Suitable for puppies from two months and adult dogs

Size: 50g




Tapioca, wheat gluten*, wheat flour, vegetable fibres, hydrolised animal proteins, minerals. * L.I.P.- protein selected for its very high assimilation.

Feeding Guide
Size/Weight                 Amount/Day
Mini <10kg                  10 snacks
Medium 11 - 25 kg      20 snacks
Maxi 26 - 44 kg           30 snacks
Giant >45kg                40 snacks


For small dogs under 10kg feed up to 10 treats a day. 
For medium dogs between 11-25kg feed up to 20 treats a day. 
For large dogs between 26-44kg feed up to 30 treats a day.
For giant dogs up to 45kg, feed up to 40 treats a day.


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