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Royal Canin Giant Adult 15kg

Product Code: RC1642150


Royal Canin Giant Adult

Royal Canin uses the name GIANT to refer to dogs whose adult weight exceeds 45kg. More than tailor-made nutrition, it is a safety measure. Royal Canin has patented a kibble with both a size and formula which are perfectly adapted to Giant dogs' outsized morphology. A kibble suitable for giant dogs encourages chewing and slows down the speed of food intake. The Giant range from ROYAL CANIN Size Health Nutrition brings an exclusive nutritional answer to the specific requirements of giant dogs, taking into account their size, age, activity and physiological state. Complete feed for adult giant breed dogs (> 45 kg) over 18/24 months old

BONE & JOINT SUPPORT Helps support giant breed dogs' bones and joints placed under stress.

ANTIOXIDANT COMPLEX Contains an exclusive complex of antioxidants to help neutralise free radicals. CARDIAC HEALTH Helps maintain a healthy heart thanks to an adapted taurine content.

HIGH DIGESTIBILITY Helps promote optimal digestibility thanks to an exclusive formula including very high quality proteins and a balanced supply of dietary fibre.

Size: 15kg


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