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Sepicat Lightweight Classic Spa 10L

Product Code: R.F3254C


Sepicat Lightweight Classic Spa

The Sepicat LightWeight Classic Spa cat litter is very easy to use: its special lightness will help keep your cat's tray clean and fresh. Pour a 7cm layer over the tray. The cat litter will form compact chipboards when your pet uses the bed. Use a specially designed scoop to remove biting sand and poop.

  • Sepicat LightWeight Classic SPA 10-litre container lasts up to 40 days (for a cat with an average size of 5 kg)
  • Sand with large agglomeration capacity
  • Gives off a pleasant fresh perfume (SPA) when contact with the liquid
  • Eco-friendly product (study by PWC-Ecobilan)
  • Its thicker granules make it especially recommended for long-coat cats

Size: 10L


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