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Sheba Fine Flakes in Jelly - Fish - 40 pack

Product Code: R.F0917TF


Sheba Fine Flakes in Jelly - Fish (whitefish, salmon, cod or tuna).

40 pack

Scrumptious flakes carefully prepared in a divine melting jelly.  At Sheba, we understand your feline friend's desire for high quality cat food and well-crafted recipes.  Sheba has designed a collection of superior pet food with delicious recipes, making feeding your cat a pleasure every time. You'll have them purring and pawing for more.
Key features
  • High quality adult cat food providing complete nutrition for your feline companion
  • Scrumptious cat food flakes carefully prepared in a divine melting jelly
  • 85g cat food pouch gently prepared, with a delicious flavour that cats love
  • Delicious pet food made from select ingredients and certified sustainable fish
  • 100% Complete and Balanced pet food
  • Cat food contains no artificial colours or preservatives

Size: 85g x 40 


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