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Simple'n'Clean Silicate Litter

Product Code: 4026


Simple'n'Clean Silicate Litter 

  • granules 
  • absorbs urine 
  • neutralizes bad odours 
  • easy to use 
  • light-weight 
  • economical 
  • low-dust/suitable for allergy sufferers

Instructions for use:

1. Fill Fresh ’n’ Easy into the clean and empty cat litter tray.

2. Remove the solid excrement regularly to keep the toilet clean and fresh.

3. Throw the used filling of Fresh ’n’ Easy into the bio-waste container. 


  • One bag of Fresh ’n’ Easy will fill a cat litter tray with a bottom measurement of 30 × 40 cm. For bigger or smaller litter trays use more or less litter accordingly.
  • Please fill the litter tray to a depth of at least 3 cm. If the tray is used very often or by more than one cat the litter depth should be increased to 4 cm.
  • For quick liquid absorption the litter tray should be positioned in a warm and dry place.
  • We also recommend using a tray without a hood to ensure the best possible evaporation.
  • To help your cat get used to the new litter you can mix it with the cat litter you started with.
  • As some cats may prefer one corner of their tray the litter should be stirred from time to time so that the absorption of the whole filling is used.
  • The soaked granules of Fresh ’n’ Easy turn dark, but this does not mean a reduction in effectiveness.
  • If more than one cat uses the tray, you should change Fresh ’n’ Easy more often (for 2 cats change every 15 days, for 3 cats every 10 days). The depth stays the same.
  • The used filling of Fresh ’n’ Easy is biodegradable. You can also bury it in the garden, the granules of Fresh ’n’ Easy turn to dust in time. (Keep a distance of at least 1 m to trees and plants.) 

Contents/Weight: 5l


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