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Slicker Brush - Top & Base Coat

Product Code: 2310


Slicker Brush - Top & Base Coat

  • gentle care for top coat and base coat
  • extra soft wire bristles
  • plastic back and handle

Sizes Available: 

  • Small: 10 x 16cm
  • Medium: 10 x 19cm

Suitable coat types: 

  • Curly hair soft, curly, is sheared regularly
  • Long hair/Silky hair medium-long up to long, silky or thick top hair either with fine or with soft, thick base coat
  • Short hair/Smooth hair short to medium-long, smooth, shiny top hair and fine, soft, thick to very thick base coat/short, smooth, shiny top hair without base coat
  • Wire hair hard, thick and wiry top hair with short, soft and thick base coat, has to be trimmed regularly

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