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Soft Leather Diamante Collar - Blue

Product Code: 19025


Soft Leather Diamante Collar 

Made out of real leather, this beautiful collar is perfect for small breed dogs.

  • genuine leather
  • D-ring position allows attaching leash while optimally protecting larynx
  • double-fold hem and lined
  • stitched

Sizes Available:

Size: XXS-XS Measurements: 17-21 cm/12 mm Neck circum.: 17-21 cm
Size: XS-S Measurements:
 20-24 cm/12 mm Neck circum.: 20-24 cm
Size: S Measurements: 23-28 cm/15 mm Neck circum.: 23-28 cm
Size: S-M Measurements: 27-33 cm/15 mmNeck circum.: 27-33 cm

Also available in White or Pink 


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