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Starmark Lock & Block Treats

Product Code: 46027


Starmark Lock & Block Treats

Challenging Design
Use with Starmark’s RubberTuff puzzles to create hours of mental and physical stimulation.
Helps Clean Teeth
Chewing action helps to remove tartar.

Fits into:
Rubber Tuff Treat Ball
Rubber Tuff Treat Bone
Rubber Tuff Treat Stump

Small - For dogs under 6.8kg / 15 lbs - Net weight 24g 
Medium -
For dogs under 15-40kg / 15-40 lbs - Net weight 64
Large - For dogs over 18.14kg / 40 lbs - Net weight 138

Starmark are world leaders in pet education. They keep pets happy in their homes by improving relationships with their owners. All products are developed by experts and performance tested by thousands of dogs at the Starmark Academy Animal Behaviour Centre.


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