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Starting off

Starting off

We have a great guide to help you make bringing your bird home stress free and smooth with some handy tips for you to help settle your bird in to their new life happily.  Our check list below will ensure that you have everything for your new bird's arrival.

Check List

  • Bird cage
  • Perches
  • Water and food cups
  • Dry bird food
  • Egg food
  • Cuttlebone and mineral blocks
  • Grit
  • Bird bath
  • Toys and boredom breakers
  • Flooring material (sand sheets / wood chips)
  • Nesting material and nest boxes
  • Bird-safe disinfectants
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Settling in your bird

Prepare your bird cage so that it is ready for your new bird's arrival.  Fill your bird's food and water cups.  Scatter some food around the floor of the cage so that they will have plenty to eat until they discover the food cup.

Make sure that all doors and windows are closed so that your bird will not be able to escape.
Once you have introduced your bird to their cage partially cover the cage with a cloth if they appear to be anxious or frightened.  You can remove the cloth once your bird has settled down.  It's best to leave them alone for a day or so to settle in.  Your bird will need this quiet time to adjust to their new surroundings and calm down after travelling.
Talk to your bird and spend as much time as you can with them to build a trusting bond with each other.
Your bird will gradually become accustomed to your presence and begin to socialise with you.  With time and patience your bird will begin to trust you and allow you to handle them.  
Always be gentle when handling your bird as birds can go into shock easily if grabbed or squeezed, which can be fatal.