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Tetra CompleteSubstrate 5kg

Product Code: TE245303


Tetra CompleteSubstrate - nutrient-rich substrate with long-term fertilization

Why is a healthy plant growth so important for the aquarium? Aquarium plants are not only decorative and offer the aquarium inhabitants natural hiding places and shelter but influence the biochemical processes positively and thus ensure optimum biological balance in the aquarium:

  • They produce the essential oxygen for fish and microorganisms in the daytime
  • They help to clean the water and to break down pollutants biologically
  • They are an effective protection against algae growth as they represent nutrient competitors

Tetra CompleteSubstrate:

  • Substrate concentrate with long-term effect
  • For new installation of aquariums
  • Ready to use
  • Promotes fast, secure adhesion and resistant roots
  • For strong, healthy growth and beautiful aquarium plants
  • Natural product enriched with specific micronutrients and minerals
  • Long-lasting iron for rich green leaves
  • Natural black peat with a high content of humic components creates a balanced soil climate
  • Optimised quartz sand mixture allows rapid root cultivation and promotes the circulation of water
  • Without nitrate and phosphate
  • For all freshwater aquariums


Pour a 2 - 4cm layer of Tetra CompleteSubstrate onto the bottom of the aquarium. Then cover with an approximately 4cm thick layer of Tetra ActiveSubstrate or aquarium gravel. Detailed product information inside.

Size: 5kg


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