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TetraTec Heater HT100

Product Code: TE607255


TetraTec Heater 100 Watts

The TetraTec heaters has break and impact resistant glass tube, which ensures an optimal heat emission at the same time. At the adjusting knop the desired temperature is adjusted within the range of 19°C to 31°C in steps by 0,5°C. The star shaped structured heating element from chrom-nickel-wire provides for an even heat distribution. A control light displays, when the heater operates. The heater can be operated also fully submerged. For use in tropical and marine aquariums

A heater is an essential piece of equipment because fish rely on the temperature of the water for their body heat.
Ideal Water Temperature for Goldfish: 68˚ - 72˚F
Ideal Water Temperature for Tropical Fish: 76˚- 82˚F

Size: 29cm, for aquariums 100-150l


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