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Toothpaste with Mint

Product Code: 2557


Trixie Toothpaste with Mint

Take care of your four-legged friend's dental hygiene with the Trixie light aromatic toothpaste. Infused with mint extract that your dog will love !

Using toothpaste helps to prevent the formation of plaque and leaves your pet with fresh breath. It's easy to use and can clean their teeth gently thus improves their oral and dental hygiene. Also available in beef and tea tree oil.  

  • Suitable or dogs
  • Helps to prevent tartar build-up
  • Pleasant mint flavour eases dental hygiene
  • Improves mouth hygiene

Size: 100g



Brush your dog's teeth carefully with toothpaste and toothbrush but not more than twice a day. Aquaint your dog slowly with the taste and the feeling by rubbing a pea-sized amount on teeth and gums. Swallowing the toothpaste is completely harmless for your pet. 


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