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Trixie Water Fountain Polygon - Adt

Product Code: 24442


Trixie Water Fountain Polygon 

Hydration is super important to every animal's overall health. Many cats and dogs prefer flowing water. In contrast to stagnant water in a bowl, it resembles natural water sources such as brooks and ponds. Some pets even avoid a simple water bowl completely, and that way do not take in enough water. In this case the Polygon filter is the ideal solution. It provides flowing water and encourages your pet to drink. The bubbling enriches the water with oxygen and cools it naturally. The filter provides additional cleaning.

  • enriches the water with oxygen
  • cold water through circulation
  • active carbon filter ensures an improved water quality
  • quiet and adjustable pump, interchangeable
  • top and lower part dishwasher proof
  • replacement filter: item no. 24443
  • melamine/silicone

Colour: Grey & White

Capacity: 2.5 Litres

Measurements: 28 × 11 × 22 cm

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