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Vet Bed - Mink

Product Code: S1600


Vet Bed - Mink

***Cut to size.  See below for measurements

Vet bed is an amazing product that resembles a type of sheepskin, that is used throughout the Veterinary, Grooming and Boarding kennels industries.   It consists of a tough bottom mesh layer and a fluffy fleece section on top.  Some of the key features that make it truely an amaing product are:

  • Deep pile for heat retention
  • Excellent drainage properties, keeping pets dry if prone to “leaks” (puppy & senior dogs included)
  • Keeps your pets warm and dry
  • Double woven backing makes it harder for your dog to chew
  • non irritant and non-allergic properties
  • Ideal for use in crates, cars, pet baskets, polished wood or tiled floors
  • machine washed at 40 degrees 
  • Quick drying and suitable for tumble dryer


  • Width : 80cm (31")
  • Length : Cut to your desired length from a roll.  See meassurements below:

This product is sold per 30cm (12" / 1 Foot) sections.  This product is cut from a roll for your desired length.  The width of the product is 80cm (31") and the length is measured in sections.  

  • Quantity in cart 1 = 1 (30cm / 1 foot) section
  • Quantity in cart 2 = 1 (60cm / 2 foot) section
  • Quantity in cart 3 = 1 (90cm / 3 foot) section etc

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