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VetIQ Creamy Centres - Salmon, Coconut & Mango

Product Code: R.F0340C


Creamy Centres With Salmon, Coconut & Mango

Creamy Centres are delicious grain free treats that comprise of a dry outer shell with a cream-filled centre containing Salmon, Coconut & mango for a happy, healthy pet. Creamy Centres contain no added sugar but are also high in protein to help promote healthy energy, muscles & immune system and contain Omega 3 for a healthy skin & coat.

  • Oily fish naturally contains omega-3 fats EPA & DHA that contribute to brain & heart health
  • Crispy Grain Free shell
  • Flavonoids found in blueberries are polyphenol antioxidants that play a role in protecting cells
  • Only 7 calories per treat
  • Suitable for puppies from 8 weeks of age
  • Essential antioxidants to support a healthy immune system
  • Contains omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
  • No Artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Size: 70 g



Meat & Animal Derivatives (30% Poultry), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin (13.8% Potato powder, 6% Pea, 6% Cellulose), Fish & Fish Derivatives (4% Salmon), Oils and Fats (1.4% Omega-3 fatty acids, 3.7% Omega-6 fatty acids), Coconut 4%, Fruit (4% Mango), Minerals.


Feeding Directions:


Weight Range

Recommended Amounts


Up to 5 kg

1 treat per day

5 – 10 kg

2 treats per day

10 – 20 kg

3 treats per day


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