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VetIQ Healthybites Breath & Dental Treats For Cats and Kittens

Product Code: R.F0344C


Healthybites Breath & Dental Treats For Cats & Kittens, 65g

  • Nutritious treats for cat and kittensAids in the control of tartar build-up
  • Helps maintain pleasant breath for hours
  • No more brushing or messy pastes

Active ingredients:

Eucalyptus Oil:  Its antibacterial properties help to eliminate the bacteria that can cause bad breath

Parsley Seed Oil: Its anti-microbial and breath freshening properties work together to freshen the animal’s breath

Clove Oil: Its anti-microbial properties help to eliminate the cause of bad breath at its source

Vitamin A, D & E: Important for vision, proper growth, healthy skin and coat and mucous membranes. Helps to alleviate dry and flaky skin conditions


Breath & Dental Treats for Cats & Kittens have a cereal shell that is designed to act as an abrasive, removing debris and plaque from the teeth surface thus assisting in the control of tarter build-up. The treat filling contains natural breath freshening ingredients, which promotes good oral hygiene.

Size: 65g


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