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Vico Easy Clean Hooded Litter Tray

Product Code: 40342


Vico Easy Clean Hooded Litter Tray

The Vico Easy Clean Litter Tray is a hooded cat litter tray that will keep you home clean and free from unpleasant litter odours.

The highly active carbon pad above the ventilation slits will trap odours passing through the filter, keeping the litter pan smelling fresh and clean. The carbon filter will absorb ammonia released from your pet’s urine and faeces, keeping your home smelling fresh and clean. The raised double rim will prevent litter being scattered out of the tray. The hooded door flap is specially designed so that your cats paws or tail do not get caught in the flap.

The hinged front will allow you to clean out the litter tray without having to fully remove the top. The entire top of this hooded litter tray can be quickly and easily removed by unlocking the clasp locks.  

There is a handy carry handle at the top of the hood and also comes with a litter scoop and 1 active carbon filter. 

  • Hooded litter tray
  • With door flap, scoop and handle
  • Activated carbon filter to neutralise cat odours
  • Hinged front for easy cleaning
  • Double rim edge prevents urine and litter being scattered out of the tray
  • Easy and fast to open and close using the click clasps
  • Replacement filters can be purchased

Colours: Turquoise/ White

Size: 40 × 40 × 56 cm


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