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VIYO Reinforces for Cats

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VIYO Reinforces for Cats

Your pet, healthy from the inside out. Viyo Reinforces® contains prebiotic fibres (FOSim+) stimulating the natural intestinal flora. This results in a better uptake of all nutrients from the food, and it helps strengthen the animal’s natural resistance. The proof? Firmer stools and a shiny coat. Viyo Reinforces® also contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

  • Complementary pet food for cats - developed by veterinarians
  • Healthy drink - Reinforces the natural defences of your cat
  • Visible results - Firmer stools and a shiny coat
  • 100% natural - Without artificial colourants or preservatives
  • Application 30 ml (one pouch) per day for any age, breed or weight - Best served in the morning before the first meal - One pouch for one single day, for 7 days

Size: 7x 30ml


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