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Waggi Petfinder ID tag

Product Code: wgreu004


Waggi PetFinder - Round Smart Tag

***Please note, this is a subscription serivce of €1 a month on

A simple way to contact the owner of a dog that has been found.

4 ways to contact the owner when lost dog has Waggi tag:

  • NFC Smart Tag - scan your phone off tag (like phone 'contactless' payment system)
  • Scan QR code - use phone camera to scan code
  • Call 24/7 line - call dedicated phoneline 
  • Website - enter unique code online

Access pet owner with any smartphone:

  • Online Cloud pet profile
  • Instant location alerts with smart ID tag
  • Scan NFC, contactless with NFC enabled smartphone
  • Unique short website address to own pet page
  • 24/7 hotline
  • Encrypted data
  • No Vet visit to scan your pet microchip

How to use?
When your PetFinder Tag arrives, log-on to and activate your PetFinder subscription.  Then simply add the tag to your dogs collar/harness

Video to explain how the tag works:


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Trust Marks


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