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Waterlife - Octozin 80 Tablets

Product Code: RC138


Waterlife - Octozin 80 Tablets

Waterlife Octozin is a treatment for internal parasites such as those which cause  -Sleeping Sickness,  Hole - In - The - Head, Seawater Angelfish and Clownfish Disease,  Malawi Bloat Disease and also early stages of Dropsy.

You will require three separate days of treatment to complete the course.

For use in tropical, freshwater and coldwater aquaria

Octozin is active for up to 3 days after the last day of use.

  • 21 Tablets 3 day course for 150 litres
  • 80 Tablets 3 day course for 600 litres
  • 200 Tablets 3 day course for 1,500 litres

Size:  80 Tablets


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