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Whiskas Pouches - Meat in Gravy - 12 pack

Product Code: R.F0919ZS


Whiskas Meat Pouches In Gravy

Whiskas Adult pouches offer a fresh and easy serving every time. Whiskas pouches are gently prepared to lock in nutrients and vitamins that help to build a strong immune system, and are foil packed to maintain freshness for a succulent moist meal every time. We put quality meat and fish in our recipes not only because cats love it but also because it is a great source of natural protein, vitamins and minerals, and by the time we have cooked it in our delicious jelly, it tastes great too! And because she doesnt like eating the samething everyday we make sure that Whiskas offers the true variety to keep her coming back for more.

Flavours: Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Rabbit

Size: 12 x 100g


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