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Active Comfort Sighthound Collar

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Active Comfort Sighthound Collar

Made out of real leather, this beautiful collar is perfect for Sightound dogs. They are wider at the front and narrow at the back to relieve the pressure on the front of their sensitive necks. They also help to prevent the dog from backing out of the collar which can be a problem for these breeds.

  • genuine leather
  • double-fold hem and lined
  • stitched
  • Soft and cushioning around your dog's delicate neck

Sizes Available:
Size: XS-S-M Measurements: 24-31cm/50mm Neck circum.: 24-31cm
Size: S-M measurements: 33-42cm/60mm Neck circum.: 33-42cm

Especially designed for Lurchers and Whippets



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