Dog Grooming Service

To book an appointment with one of our groomers please select  the store, then a date & time in the panel below. This will provisionally book your time slot until you receive a confirmation SMS text message with your appointment details. If you do not receive a SMS text message within 24 hours please contact your local store 

Please note - One appointment per dog - if you have two dogs you will need to book two appointments.





Senior citizen discount on Pet Grooming serivces 20% off all day Tuesday


Why should you have your dog professionally groomed?

Regular grooming will keep your dog coat in good condition. Grooming removes dirt, spreading natural oils throughout the coat, preventing tangles and keeping their skin clean and irritant free. A trained groomer will be able to give your dog a more thorough cleaning than you can do yourself, and be able to cut hair and nails safely, ensuring your dog doesn't get hurt. In addition, grooming a dog in specially tailored surroundings, with proper grooming tools and equipment is more pleasant for them, and less mess for you.

It is recommended that dogs should be professionally groomed every 4-5 weeks. Petstop offer a discount of 20% if we groom your dog every 4 weeks.

Call 061 529143 to book an appointment or bring your dog in to meet one of qualified dog groomers, who will be delighted to give you a free, no obligation consultation.

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