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Activity Snuffle Mat Strategy Game

Product Code: 32037


Activity Snuffle Mat Strategy Game

Activity Snuffle Mat Strategy Game will provide your dog or cat with hours of entertainment. The Strategy Mat challenges your pet to search among tassles of various lengths for their hidden reward. Ideal for curious pets who love to hunt. This product can also be used for slow feeding to prevent fast consumption of food. The product is made from soft polyester material and is machine washable. The plastic tray base prevents the mat from gathering and can be easily removed for cleaning.  

  • sniffing fun for dogs and cats
  • your pet gets the reward by using snout or paws
  • with 2 different tassel lengths
  • can also be used for daily feeding
  • prevents gulping down food
  • removable plastic tray prevents crumpling and allows easy cleaning/machine wash
  • polyester
  • great for all dog breeds for quiling boredom, cats just love the hunt. 
  • mental stimulation
  • incl. booklet with tips and tricks for designing optimal training

Measurements: 50 x 30cm


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