5 Steps to Help Your Pet This Halloween

5 Steps to Help Your Pet This Halloween

Beat the Halloween Scaries with these Top Tips:

Identify the Fear:

Dogs can have negative experiences with things like fireworks or storms, it can heightn their fears as they repeatedly have the same bad experience with no way of changing it. If your dog has a moderate to a severe reaction to fireworks that results in any of the below actions:

  • Trembling
  • Salivating
  • Hiding
  • Pacing
  • Escape Attempts

It's unlikely that desensitation methods alone will help as they're already in a panicked state.

We recommend trying something from our range of calming producs to help them relax and cope better with these uncomfortable enviroments, like Halloween.

5 Steps for Help Your Pet Cope:

Create a Den/Safe Space:

  • Close blinds/curtains and turn on normal background noise such as the tv/radio if that is what your pet is used to. This will help distract them from what's going on outside.
  • If your pet uses a crate, cover the crate and leave it open so that they have full accessibility to hide or leave whenever they need. Otherwise, use blankets to create a den over their bed for them to retreat to.
  • To complete the Den, use a calming spray on their bedding or plug a calming diffuser into the same room.

Have Treats on Hand:

Not just any treat, a high value treat, the tastiest you can find! It's important to use treats to help reassure your pet.

Keep Your Pet Entertained:

If they aren't in their safe space, make sure to keep them entertained.

  • Make them a lick mat. Licking is a behaviour that helps soothe your pet and can be great to help them settle.
  • Play with them and their toys. This is great for relieving any pent up stress or energy.

Comfort Your Pet:

There is a common misconception that you shoudln't comfort your dog when they're scared so that the behaviour isn't reinforced.

However, fear is an emotion and emotions can't be reinforced. Comforting your pet will calm and relax them.

Be Prepared:

If you know your pet suffers with the change of environment at Halloween such as fireworks, loud noises, trick or treaters calling to the door etc., plan ahead and start incorporating calming products into their routine ahead of time.


  1. Diffusers can be plugged into the wall in a room that they use the most. These will release comforting signals that your pet should produce to calm themselves down.            
  2. Calming sprays can be sprayed directly onto bedding and blankets.                                                                          
  3. Calming tablets can be given to your pet on the lead up to a potentially frightening event such as travelling or fireworks.              
  4. Dog Anxiety wraps work to reduce dog anxiety. It's like giving your pet a hug or swaddling a baby. A constant gentle pressure applied to your dog's chest and torso which helps them feel safe and secure.