Brown puppy sleeping on hooded bed

Settling Your Puppy At Night

When your puppy first comes home they will see you as their new family and want to be with you all the time - but how to help them settle at night? Their need for constant company can mean that when you head to bed at night your puppy begins crying and barking keeping everyone up!

In order to help your puppy learn to settle through the night, follow the steps outlined below:

- Invest in a nice cozy bed for your puppy that they can use during the day and at night.
- If you wish to use a crate please refer to Crate Training Your Puppy for information on how to best introduce one to your puppy.
- Just before everyone heads to bed take your puppy out to toilet in the garden.
- Now bring puppy and their bed to your bedroom – yep that’s right, bring them to bed with you! Your puppy is naturally a social animal that feels safest when it is with you. So in order to help them feel comfortable enough to sleep they will need to be able to make sure you haven’t disappeared in a puff of smoke!
- Depending on your puppy, you may need to have their bed right beside yours or they may be happy enough to sleep on the other side of a baby gate at your bedroom door.
- Once your puppy is successfully snoozing through the night move them a little bit further away from you e.g. to the top of the stairs.
- Gradually you should be able to move your puppy all the way back down to the kitchen or living room etc where you want them to sleep as an adult.

Golden Retriever puppy lying on grey bed 
Remember, don’t be tempted to rush through the steps as you need to make sure your puppy is sleeping soundly each night before moving their bed. If you move them too far away too quickly or put them on the other side of a closed door, causing them to feel anxious or worried, you could find yourself back to square one.

Equally avoid sleeping on the sofa with your puppy as it is much harder to gradually move yourself away unless you fancy a few nights curled up on the stairs in a sleeping bag!

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