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Flex Silicone Muzzle

Product Code: 17611


Flex Silicone Muzzle

  • silicone/nylon/neoprene
  • prevents biting
  • no problems with panting, drinking and feeding treats
  • particularly comfortable to wear due to ergonomic fit, flexible silicone that is stable in shape and neoprene-padded straps in face and neck areas
  • secure due to threefold fastening
  • continuously adjustable forehead strap and neck strap as well as nape loop
  • with reflective stripes
  • colour: black

 Sizing and fitting video below


Head Strap:

Inner muzzle

S max. 20 cm e.g. Jack Russell Terrier 20 cm
M max. 21 cm e.g. Irish Terrier 24 cm
M-L max. 22 cm e.g. Border Collie 26 cm
L max. 27 cm e.g. Labrador 31 cm
L-XL max. 30 cm e.g. Bernese Mountain 36 cm
XL max. 37 cm e.g. Great Dane 39 cm


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