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Get Off - Wash Off Spray - Indoor

Product Code: R.F8523


Get Off - Wash Off Spray - Indoor 500ml

  • Wash off indoor cleaner neutralizer is an effective treatment intended for indoor use.
  • It removes and neutralizes the traces of cat / dog feces, thereby counteracting further contamination of the treated area.
  • Within 30 minutes of treatment, the spray removes the odor that exudes urine or faeces, and replaces it with a pleasant citrus scent.

Application: First remove solid particles from the stain. Test the product on a non-visible surface before treating the entire stain, to be sure that that material is not affected in the color. Shake and spray evenly over the area. Rub with a brush or sponge in circular motion on the area until the entire stain is covered. You do not need to rinse this with water then. Within a short time, the area's odor should be neutralized and deterrent to your pet so that it does not repeat the same thing again.



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