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Johnson's Catnip Spray

Product Code: R.F0105


Johnson's Catnip Spray 

Catnip is dervied from the dried leaves of catmint, a herbal plant which belongs to the mint family. Catmint has a characteristic aromatic odourwhih has a strange inherited fascination for all cats. Most adult cats, perticularly males find catnip irresistible. Kittens will develop an interest in catnip once they are 6 months old. 

Scratching is a natural behaviour for cats to exercise the body, trim claws and mark their territory. Catnip spray can be used to encourage you cat to use a scratching post instead of furnishings.Apply catnip spray to cat bedding, toys, scratching posts etc.

  • Concentrated catnip spray
  • Gives your cat pleasue
  • Deters destructive scratching

Size: 150ml 



Shake well before use. Apply from 15-20cm onto surface. Use periodically or as required. 


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