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Johnson's Moultone Tonic

Product Code: R.F0191


Johnson's Moulting Tonic

A special tonic for birds in the moult. A complementar feed for all cage birds. Give only as supplement to a good balanced diet. Moultine is a multi-vitamin tonic to aid feather growth, restore vitality and promote and maintain good healthy and fine plumage. 

  • Helps to restore vitality
  • Aids feathering
  • Promotes lovely plumage

Size: 15ml bottle



Shake well before use. For oral tadministration to birds. Give 2 or 3 times weekly in your bird's food or drinking water. It is essential to clean and disinfect drinking and feeding equipment daily when giving tonic. 

Quantity: Small birds (e.g. Budgies and Canaries) 2.5ml per each 20ml water. Medium and large birds (e.g. cockatiels and parrrots) 5ml per each 40ml water. 

To avoid waste, keep drinking water to a minimum when using tonic. 

Alternatively, estimate the bird's daily feed intake and add the appropriate amount to the feed. 


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