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Johnson's Puppy and Kitten - Training Spray

Product Code: R.F0021


Johnson's Puppy and Kitten Trainer Spray

Johnson's Puppy and Kitten Trainer Spray is a useful aid for house training puppies and kittens. For use on training pads and paper to encourage regular toilet habits. This product is not suitable for use on animals. 

  • Toilet training aid
  • Encourage regular toilet habits
  • Suitable for puppies and kittens 

Size: 150ml


Directions:  Shake well before use. Place a training pad or folded newspaper on the floor in a convenient place, but away from pet bedding or food. 

Puppies - Spray on to pad or newpaper from a distanceof about 15cm (6 inches). Spray frequently and place puppy on sprayed area regularly, especially after awakening, feeding or playing so that it can relieve itself. It is helpful to choose a word or a command that your pet will associate with regular toilet habits and then raise your puppy for correct use. Replace training pad or paper if soiled by fouling and repeat as above. 

After puppy has been using pad or paper regularly, gradually move pad or paper closer to the door and eventually outside. Use pad or paper can then be discontinued, but continue for a short period to spray the outside area to be used. 

Kittens and House Rabbits - Spray directly on litter tray as often as required, or use training pad as above. 


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