K9 Connectables The Dentist

Product Code: K9C-3


K9 Connectables The Dentist

This interactive toy has small grooves on the outside of the toy that dogs cant help but bite down on. This helps promote dental hygiene and keeps teeth clean! There are three connection levels of difficulty on The Dentist which make them a little harder than The Original to break apart for tasty rewards and of course connect with the whole K9 Connectables range for play time that lasts longer.

  • Stuff with Treats
  • Connect together
  • Work for rewards

About K9 Connectables

This is the newest and most exciting range of interactive dog toys, set up by a young Irishman who has a background in industrial product design. 

When James McIlvenna got a Labrador puppy after getting married, the dog (Sandy) caused mayhem by chewing everything (including his wedding album). As a designer, James was disappointed in the current offerings on the market, so he set about creating his own dog toys, or as he calls them,”engineered canine entertainment”. A year ago, James was granted funding with Enterprise Ireland, and since then he’s been busy developing a commercial version of his designs.

The dog toys are made from a soft but tough plastic, tested to the same safety standards as children’s toys. They are chew-resistant, they float on water, and they are full of grooves, crevices and holes so that they can be stuffed with tasty food treats. They come in a range of shapes and sizes – balls, cones, sticks –  that can be used as toys on their own, or they can be clipped together, like Lego, into larger shapes that dogs can enjoy pulled apart.



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