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King British Goldfish Sinking Pellets 140g

Product Code: R.F5946


Goldfish Sinking Pellets 140g

A complete food for all coldwater fish developed to meet their specific nutritional requirements. Fancy Goldfish tend to prefer a sinking food pellet rather than a floating one; it allows the fish to feed more easily. It also prevents fish from ‘gulping’ at the water surface, which results in lots of air being swallowed. This in turn leads to bloating and swim bladder problems.

  • Made from high quality, natural ingredients
  • High in protein / low waste formula

King British Products

King British's heritage of sourcing ornamental fish from around the world has given a unique insight into natural habitat, behaviour, feeding patterns & nutritional requirements of fish, forming the basis for the scientific development of King British super premium fish foods, treats,  water treatments and fish medicines.


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