Petstop - Guaranteed Irish

Guaranteed Irish - All together better

Petstop is proud to be a member of the 'Guaranteed Irish' Association. 

"Guaranteed Irish - All Together Better" is to identify products and services that are made or provided in Ireland. The primary aim of the Guaranteed Irish initiative is to support Irish businesses that help -

    • Supporting the Irish economy
    • Assures Quality 
    • Environmental sustainability
    • Job creation
    • Community support
    • Ethical business practices

Overall, the benefits of Guaranteed Irish extend beyond individual purchases. They encompass economic growth, job creation, environmental sustainability, community support, and the preservation of Irish culture and heritage. By consciously choosing products and services with the Guaranteed Irish label, consumers play an active role in supporting Irish businesses and contributing to the overall well-being of the country. 

And at Petstop we are proud to be Irish!