car cooler - boot latch attachment


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Product Code: 13105
  • Car Cooler - Boot Latch Attachment

    Fresh air for your dog in the car: The TRIXIE Car Cooler!
    The TRIXIE Car Cooler is a clever addition if you want to leave your dog in the car for a short time but still want to lock the vehicle securely. The Car Cooler is simply hung in the trunk lid and allows fresh air to flow into the vehicle interior. For good air circulation, at least one other window in the vehicle should be open. 

    • provides fresh air in the car
    • for hanging in the trunk lid
    • galvanized metal
    • Dimensions: 10cm


    Please note that cars can heat up quickly even when exposed to light sunlight, even at moderate outside temperatures. Caution is also required when the windows and/or trunk are open. To ensure air circulation, it is necessary to open the car in at least two places, e.g. using two fresh air grilles in combination with the Car Cooler. Also look for a shady parking space, provide your dog with fresh water and only leave him alone for a few minutes - if at all.

    However, it should be noted that the Car Cooler should only be used in conjunction with a transport box to ensure your dog's safety. This combination prevents your dog from jumping out of the vehicle while you are away.

    Do not use while driving. The Car Cooler does not prevent car break-ins. Not suitable for vehicles with automatic boot lock mechanism.