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Product Code: DB819A
  • Cooling Coat

    Suitable for all breeds and ages the coat  contains highly absorbent cooling material to keep the body area cool while your pet wears it.  Reusable and can be used for indoors and outdoors.

    Simply soak the coat in water, wring out the excess and put it on your dog.  Designed to keep your dog 3-7 degrees cooler.  

    • Made of highly absorbent material
    • Outer mesh lining 
    • Supports thermoregulation e.g. in sport, training and competitions 
    • Ideal for all dogs
    • Cools by evaporation, reusable 
    • Velcro neck fastener
    • Durable & hand washable
    • Will remain moist for hours
    • Antibacterial & Anti-Microbial

    *For better use - please store it in the enclosed, sealed air-tight bag, to retain moisture.

    Sizes available - dog back length:

    • 20cm (8")
    • 25cm (10")
    • 30cm (12")
    • 35cm (14")
    • 40cm (16")
    • 45cm (18")
    • 50cm (20")
    • 55cm (22")
    • 60cm (24")
    • 65cm (26")
    • 70cm (28")
    • 75cm (30")
    • 80cm (32")

    *For best fit recommendations -measure the length of the dogs back (from the base of the dogs neck to the base of the dogs tails (near hips))

      Colour: Blue

      Please note - this coat is designed to help with a sensible strategy for heat stroke avoidance.  More tips to cooling your dog: 

      • Never leave dogs in parked cars. 
      • Make sure dogs always have adequate water to drink. They need more on a warm day, so always take water with you when travelling.
      • Avoid exercising dogs in the heat of the day.
      • Spray them with water to keep them cool.
      • Provide shade and ventilation. Move small pets to the coolest part of the house or garden.
      • If your pet has thick fur, consider a summer trim to help them keep cool.
      • Contact a vet immediately if they do not respond to efforts to cool them down.