esha cryptoplus - plant growth booster


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Product Code: RC015
  • eSHa Cryptoplus - 20ml - Plant growth booster

    What is CRYPTOPLUS?

    CRYPTOPLUS is a unique formulation for aquatic plants that helps them achieve their real potential. If you keep plants in your aquarium then CRYPTOPLUS can be used to enhance their growth, colour and health. CRYPTOPLUS contains colloids, inorganic-basic substances, feeding salts and minerals specially prepared to stimulate aquatic plants. CRYPTOPLUS is safe to use with all tropical and coldwater fish.

    How does CRYPTOPLUS work?

    CRYPTOPLUS works by stimulating the internal osmosis process and en- hancing local transport of nutrients through plant cells and leaf veins. CRYPTOPLUS also helps to improve photosynthesis. In effect it accele- rates the biological processes therefore boosting the levels of available nutrients, light and CO2 that your plants absorb. For the hobbyist this means a significant increase in the abundant growth, colour and health of aquatic plants. Under the right conditions, CRYPTOPLUS will work better than a CO2 system / fertilizer combination. In addition, it will enhance the colour of your plants more than a CO2 system by increasing the level of nutrients that are utilised.

    Can I use CRYPTOPLUS with all aquatic plants?

    CRYPTOPLUS can be used successfully with all aquatic plants. However, the best results will occur with Cryptocoryne, Stratiotes, Marsilea, Acorus and other ‘redleaf’ plants in freshwater aquaria. Their shapes and colours mean they have an important place amongst aquatic plants but tending them can prove complicated and often unsuccessful. CRYPTOPLUS helps to solve any problems you may encounter. If used weekly (as recommended) it can help prevent problems before they arise. Your plants will flourish like never before with CRYPTOPLUS.