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Product Code: FAUNA14225
  • Balling Light Carbonate Mix purest salts for the supplementation of carbonate with the Balling light system in reef tanks.

    With Fauna Marin Balling-Light salts you get the purest special salts available for marine aquaristics. Bioactive stabilizers, pH buffers and special minerals, which significantly increase the stability of the chemical parameters in the aquariums are additionally used in Balling-Light salts. The added trace elements remain more stable in solution and are therefore more readily available to the corals.

    By the use of our salt mixtures you supply minerals and trace elements, which are missing or only limited available. The addition of bioactive components and the purity of our salts prevent darkening of the corals and increase their growth and colour formation. Fauna Marin Balling salts are unique.

    •     more effective due to high-purity salts with the lowest water content
    •     Salt mixtures for better stability of important parameters
    •     matched to modern sea salts
    •     stable pH value
    •     supply of bioactive substances for better colour development and coral growth

    The Fauna Marin Balling Light System is a complete, self-contained system that can be used in conjunction with all common filter systems. It does not matter whether you use a zeolite system, the usual Berlin system or a natural filter system, e.g. sludge filtration. With the Balling-Light method you supply exactly those substances which are missing in the aquarium.

    How to use:

    We recommend maintaining a Alkalinity value between 6.5 – 8 dkH.
    Test regularly with the highly accurate Fauna Marin AquaHomeTest Kit KH.

    Add the necessary amount of Carbonoate-Mix to a well flowed area in the technical pool.

    Start by adding magnesium, then calcium and carbonate. There should be an interval of approx. 10 minutes between the dosages.


    Calculate the correct dosage with the Aquacalculator:

    At www.aquacalculator.com you will find a suitable Balling-Light online calculator for calculating the correct dosage quantities.

    This online tool is the only one with which the original Balling Light recipe is stored. Other calculators calculate the Balling Light method on the basis of the classic recipe and thus incorrectly.

    Dosage of the Balling Light Solutions ca.:

        ALK/KH 10ml/100 litres + 0.5 dkH
        CA 10 ml/100 litres + 18 mg / litre
        MG 10 ml/100 litres + 5 mg / litre

    If you have the desire or need for an additional dosage of elements (color games), use our Color Element series. With these additional elements you can clearly strengthen the colors of your corals and stimulate growth.

    The more regularly the addition takes place - the more stable the values are in your aquarium. For the addition of the solutions we therefore recommend the GHL dosing computer, which is ideal for this method.

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    Sizes: 1kg, 2kg & 4kg