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  • Smart Collar

    Present designs of Elizabethan post-surgical collars are clumsy, uncomfortable and time-consuming to fit and adjust. Owners despair at the distress caused to usually active young dogs, crashing into furniture and becoming dangerously disoriented.

    The Smart Collar has been designed to overcome many of these problems. Made of translucent plastic, the dog or cat has a wide field of view, which naturally improves the animal's confidence. It has a soft PVC neck piece so that it does not have to be connected to the dog's usual collar, as in other designs. Veterinarians and pet owners will be gratified to find that the Smart Collar™ is easily adjustable.

    Only five sizes will fit all breeds of dogs. Snap studs make fitting and removing of the Smart Collar quick and simple, even with a non co-operative animal.

    Available Sizes: