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Stainless Steel Bowl Set with Stand

Product Code: 24830


Stainless Steel Bowl Set with Stand

This twin stainless steel bowl set is raised up from the ground to prevent strain in your pet’s neck when eating and drinking. Designed for dog’s with limited mobility and arthritis who may struggle to eat from conventional feeding bowls.

The bowls sit securely inside the metal stand with non-slip feet that will prevent sliding while your pet is eating or drinking. Suitable for serving your pet’s favourite food or water.  

  • 2 stainless steel bowls with stand
  • powder coated metal stand, black
  • non-slip due to rubber feet
  • replacement bowls: item 24840–24844
  • replacement bowl: item no. 24840
  • feed bowls dishwasher proof


Small  2 × 0.2l (10cm diameter).
Medium  2 × 0.45l (12cm diameter).
Large  2 × 0.75l (15cm diameter).
Extra Large  2 × 1.8l (20cm diameter).


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